Guide to Playing Keno

Keno is a lottery game that allows players to bring in significant wins for a minimal investment. Basically, the game simply requires that you select a few numbers on a keno card, and then wait to see if your numbers match those chosen at random in the keno lounge. Though keno is a game of chance, it's helpful to know certain protocols before you begin.

Filling Out Keno Cards

The main task you'll need to complete in order to play keno is filling out a keno card. Here, you'll mark off the numbers you want to play, and you can generally mark anywhere from two to ten different numbers, depending on the rules of the casino and the type of ticket you pick up. (For example, a card with a two number limit is called a "two spot" ticket).

Paying for the Game

It's possible to find keno software to download for free at home, but most traditional casinos charge a small fee per game. You can opt to play the same card for a number of different rounds, but you still have to pay a per-game cost. When you hand in your keno ticket and register for the games, just pay at the same time and you'll receive a receipt. The next step is just to wait and see if you're lucky.

Most often, the results of each keno round are displayed on a big screen in the keno lounge so everyone can easily keep track of their wins and losses. Just remember to pick up your winnings right after they are announced; if you wait too long, the casino will force you to forfeit your prize.